24Slides offers digital outsourcing. From Fortune 500 to Solopreneurs – our designs let you present with confidence, close huge deals and make more profit. 24Slides is more than just great presentation and PowerPoint design. It’s a team of more than 70 professional designers who specialize in presentations. We have offices in Denmark and Indonesia. We want to showcase the incredible talent and competitiveness of designers in emerging countries by giving them the tools to compete in the global market. We work for companies like Vestas, DSV, Novo, Netflix and many more. Find more info on: www.24slides.com.

We are a Multicultural team with Head office in Copenhagen, Denmark. Design Capital in Malang, Indonesia and a Product team in Moscow, Russia.​

We have a Performance driven culture. No working hours – You can come and go as you please, you know what targets to hit and you are the only person who knows the optimal way of doing that Work from anywhere – You want to experience Indonesia, want to work from a café, work from home? It doesn’t matter; you can pick the location from where to do the work. Besides the requirements above, you should be a good fit in our small startup culture. We need a team member who is self-motivated and can work independently.


The Business Developer role is a learning role. The primary purpose is to learn and grow to become better and more skillful in doing sales.
The mission of the Business Developer is to book and hold online meetings with relevant customers in Denmark and the rest of the world.
As a Business Developer you will be a part of 24Slides Sales school


Coach ability – You have a hunger to learn. You appreciate and seek out feedback to constantly identify areas where you can be even better.
Sales Experience – You have tried sales before or you believe that you have an exceptional talent for learning sales. Preferably you have tried a sales role where you spend most of your time on the phone.
A high Drive and a mindset as a top performer with focus on hitting targets
As you will collaborate and communicate with people across the world, the job requires the ability to work with different cultures as well as good language skills. English or Spanish, German, Swedish besides Danish – will be a plus.


Great! We can’t wait to hear from you. Get in touch with us by sending a motivational letter/email as well as CV to our headhunter on email:  job@saleshunter.dk.

Deadline 31/3.